imagine your otp meeting each other for the first time, at night, in the woods, while both trying to dispose of their freshly killed corpses

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture that so fully summed up what it is to be a cat owner. 

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American Photoset #7


LiberTea Photoset#6

Australian Photoset#5

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British Tumblr Posts photoset #2

Want to see more country Photosets?

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I need to start a collection of Spike jumping off things.

I have to know everything.
How the hell else am I supposed to take care of you?

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who writes these lines?? who is the smartass fucker that writes these?? it makes me sick





It’s okay, Malia. You’re not the only one who sucks at math.

I thought that too, but is it possible that the arrival date refers to when she was committed to Eichen House? Not when she was admitted to the hospital after meeting Lorraine. 

Except even if that were the case, that birthdate would mean that Meredith was admitted when she was 11, and she wouldn’t even turn sixteen until the end of this year, 2014. While in the show, it’s supposed to sometime around February of 2012, meaning the Meredith talking to Lydia now is 13. And even for TW that’s stretching it.

Also, according to Lydia’s translation of Meredith’s whispers, this is supposed to be shortly after the fire, which should’ve taken place some time in 2004 or 5. 

Basically: whoever makes these props gives even less of a shit about timelines than Jeff Davis and co.

Ah, thank you. I never kept a good timeline of this show. I figured it would get messed up…..I wasn’t wrong

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'True Blood' star Kristin Bauer van Straten returning to 'Once Upon a Time' for major arc

Kristin Bauer van Straten has booked a return trip to Once Upon a Time.

EW has learned exclusively that the True Blood alum will reprise her dastardly role as villain Maleficent during the second half of Once’s upcoming season.

Could this mean that Maleficent will be season 4’s other big villain after the Frozen storyline? It’s unclear as of now, but Bauer will be back as a recurring guest star for a big arc, so here’s hoping this means the show will dive more into her past, as well as Aurora’s history.

The last we saw of Maleficent, she was locked away in a cave under the clock tower, stuck in dragon form until she was slain by Emma in the season 1 finale. She then came back in nightmarish zombie form at the end of season 2.

 - Entertainment Weekly